Save $5 Just For Filling Up Your Car!

If you are like most people, you don’t want to be bothered signing up for your local fuel rewards program. That is because many of these programs typically offer more hassle than what they are worth. You may not even like having all of those little rewards cards cluttering up your purse or wallet just to save you a few cents off of a coffee here and there.

However, sometimes the rewards are enough to justify carrying around yet another card in your wallet. Everyone wants to save as much as they can when it comes to putting gas in their car. After all, gas isn’t just a convenience that we enjoy, it is a downright necessity. We have a deal that will give you 25 cents off a gallon the next two times that you take your vehicle to the gas station for a fill-up. This is one of the best deals for gas out there! Users only need to join the Shell-affiliated Fuel Rewards to start saving on gas for their vehicle.

How You Can Save 25 Cents a Gallon on Gas

The first step to great savings when it comes to gasoline is to sign up for the app LivingSocial (or log in if you are already a member). After you have signed in or signed up, you will need to purchase the LivingSocial deal. Don’t worry, though! The purchase price is actually $0. You will need to supply a current credit card for the deal, but the website will not actually charge your card. Once you have your new voucher, you are ready for the next step. Please remember- this deal is only good through January 24th, so please act fast!

The next step is just as easy as the last. You will need to redeem your LivingSocial voucher one of two ways- either online or through their mobile app. The mobile app runs on both Android and Apple smartphones-check out Google Play or the App Store. From there, click “redeem”. You will then be redirected to another page where you will sign up for the Fuel Rewards. After you are signed up, you will receive two credits good for 25 cents per gallon. These credits are able to be used for 20 gallons of gas each. However, there is one small catch. To earn these credits, users must be a new member of the Fuel Rewards.

From there, simply finish the easy registration process to get your rewards. It’s just that easy to do! You’ll be on your way to earning money for putting gas in your vehicle-something you would be doing anyway!

Once you finish signing up for the Fuel Rewards online or through the app, the company will provide you with an Alt ID that will enable you to use your rewards at participating Shell stations near you. Wondering where there are stations nearby? Check the website to locate the nearest one.

What to do at the Gas Station

Now that you have signed up for the rewards online it’s time to put them to use. After you get to the gas station, select “Fuel Rewards” at the pump you are at. Simply follow the prompts the computer will then provide. You’ll be asked to enter your ID before you begin pumping your fuel. After you enter the ID, the price will drop 25 cents. Next, start pumping and start saving! You can save five dollars right off the bat and treat yourself to a gourmet coffee or a quick breakfast inside the store!

Max Out Your Fuel Rewards

Remember, you can save 25 cents on every gallon, up to 20 gallons, each time you fill your gas tank. This adds up to a cool $5 per refuel! Is your gas tank smaller than 20 gallons but you still want those savings? Simply do back-to-back refuels using a friend or family member’s car to get to 20 gallons. Just remember, don’t put the nozzle back into the pump before switching cars.

This deal is for a limited time only, so get started today and enjoy your savings when you refuel at your local Shell station.