How To Get Paid To Tweet, Pin And Post On Instagram

If you are interested in finding ways to make a little money from the comfort of your own home, then you will find that it is easier then you might believe. There are many ways in which to earn a full-time or part-time income online. Using social media sites like Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram make it simple for anyone to start earning some extra money in their spare time. Some people may even go on to make full-time careers of it. One such way to earn some money through social media sites is by using IZEA.

What Is IZEA

IZEA is a platform that people can use to connect themselves through their social media accounts to advertisers that wish to work with them. Using this platform can help anyone make some money just by simply doing what they already do online. You won't have to create a blog or make new accounts to be able to use the system. It can be used with the profile accounts you already have.

How Does IZEA Work

When you use the IZEA platform, you are able to earn money in a couple different ways. The first involves when advertisers contact you. The second way involves having you bid on campaigns inside the IZEA platform.

• Advertisers Contact You- After you have signed up for IZEA, you are going to fill out your profile. In it, you will list your writing style and describe your interests. When you do this, you should try to use targeted keywords that describe your interests. Doing this will help increase your visibility with the advertisers. As an example, if you love fashion, you might mention keywords about top fashion brands to get more visibility. IZEA shares your created profile within their database and is accessible to all potential advertisers. If an advertiser finds your profile and is interested in working with you, they will make an offer to you.

• Bidding On Campaigns- When you bid on campaigns, you are trying to connect with the advertisers yourself instead of having IZEA connect the advertisers to you. All advertisers are able to post campaigns that you can view and bid on if you are interested. The best chance of winning a campaign is to start your bidding low. This is especially true if you are new to this. Typically speaking, advertisers are more keen on choosing people who have more experience. Starting with smaller bids will help you get that experience so you can charge more down the road.

While Twitter is one of the top social media platforms to use IZEA with, you can make money with other social media websites such as Youtube, Pinterest, and Instagram. One of the best things about using IZEA is that it is completely free to join. You will also be automatically entered to win $200 just for simply joining. There are many advertisers using the platform and more are being added every day. This platform benefits both the users and the advertisers because while you are making money posting on your social media accounts, the advertisers are making money as well by having you post on their behalf.

If you happen to have a blog apart from your social media accounts, you should make sure that they are all connected. Advertisers will often be looking for people who have blogs they can advertise through as well! As a matter of fact, IZEA actually started the use of advertorial blogging content. Now is the time to start making money doing what you are already doing with your social media accounts. Don't waste any more time and get started today!